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“I’m your ghost,” says Ewan McGregor in the first few moments of the trailer for Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer. The film is the story of a writer, hired to write the memoirs of a powerful politician. He’s a ghost writer, a professional paid to write a book which will be officially credited to the politician he’s writing for. But as he digs into the man’s life, he starts to uncover things he shouldn’t know. What’s really fascinating about this trailer, is the way it takes what seems like a fairly standard political thriller, and lets it play out as if it’s telling a ghost story. It’s as if Ewan really is a ghost, haunting the life of a man who’s done something wrong. If that aesthetic carries over into the film, we could be in for something special.

Watch the first ever domestic trailer for The Ghost Writer in HD over at Apple, or watch it below.

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