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Gillian Anderson Takes A Role In Sci-Fi Mystery I'll Follow You Down

Like many actors who spend years playing the same character year after year on television, Gillian Anderson hasn't had the best of luck in the time since The X-Files finished its run back in 2002. While certainly a talented actress and worshiped by geeks worldwide, Anderson hasn't had any where near the same kind of exposure in recent years as she had when she was playing Special Agent Dana Scully on the Fox network. That said, she may not be doing that many big projects, but she has been keeping busy, and that continues with I'll Follow You Down, according to Deadline.

The site's report says that the actress has landed a part in the science-fiction mystery, which already has Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell and Victor Garber attached. The film is about a scientist named Gabriel (Swell) who goes on a business trip and disappears, leaving his wife (Anderson) and son (Osment) behind and everwondering what happened to him. Years later, however, The son and Gabriel's father, finally discover just where Gabriel has gone. The movie is being directed and written by Mehta, who previously directed the film Amal. Anderson has a good number of things coming out in 2012, including the James Marsh-directed thriller Shadow Dancer, which co-stars Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough, the UK miniseries The Fall, and the French film L'enfant d'en haut (aka Sister).

So Gillian Anderson is returning to the science-fiction genre? I'm not sure you're going to hear a lot of complaints about that. Sadly it seems that her role in the movie is fairly small, and the whole thing sounds vaguely like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (just replace Sewell with Michael Caine, Osment with Josh Hutcherson, Garber with Dwayne Johnson and Anderson with Kristin Davis). Hopefully a more detailed plot synopsis will come out soon and distance the two stories.

Eric Eisenberg

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