Girls' Adam Driver Could Join Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You

Even before it hit bookshelves in 2009, the darkly funny novel This Is Where I Leave You was snatched up for a movie adaptation. Since then, it has bounced from writer-director Greg Berlanti to choreographer turned comedy crafter Adam Shankman to Date Night director Shawn Levy. Finally, with a director secured, this adaptation moved into casting, and things got good fast!

Jason Bateman was confirmed for the male lead Judd Foxman, a recently cuckolded schlub who's sequestered with his far-flung family to observe his father's dying wish to sit Shiva for a week. Then, Tina Fey signed on to play Bateman's older sister. House of Cards' Corey Stoll committed to play one of his brothers, and Jane Fonda joined the cast as the recently widowed matriarch of the Foxman clan. The latest addition to this film family could be Adam Driver of Girls' fame/infamy.

THR reveals Driver is up for the role of the rebellious brother in the film. Now in talks, Driver and the producers will have to figure out if he can fit the film's production around the shooting of Girls third season.

Driver's been on the rise fast since Girls premiered. Beyond playing the show's polarizing hipster boyfriend, He's snagged roles in the critically acclaimed Noah Baumbach comedy Frances Ha, the Academy Award-winning Lincoln, and the Coen Bros upcoming 1960s-set biopic Inside Llewyn Davis. But as This Is Where I Leave You is a cast made up of comedy stars, it would be Driver's most mainstream showcase yet. Having read the book, I'm hoping Driver can make the scheduling work, as his brooding brand of humor would be a great fit.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.