Godzilla Has Way More Huge Problems Than You Remember

Gareth EdwardsGodzilla was a monster hit. It crossed $200 million at the domestic box office, and sailed past the $520 million mark worldwide. That’s beyond impressive. We’ll even get a sequel, but not until 2018. But that doesn’t mean Edwards’ film was flawless. Far from it. And a lot of the movie’s glaring errors can be seen in this educational video below:

Cinema Sins often takes movies to tasks in its video series, from The Matrix to Spider-Man 3. In their takedown of Godzilla, the guys like to rattle off vicious movie clichés that Edwards’ film relies on – also poking fun at the fact that Godzilla lack scenes with, you know, Godzilla. Ironically, this exhaustive dissection of everything wrong with Godzilla runs nearly 17 minutes in length – meaning it’s longer than the combined amount of minutes that Godzilla is actually in Godzilla.

The video also isn’t as original as it would like to believe.

That’s the Honest Trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, which also points out major problems with the summer blockbuster. You know, the big problem with Bryan Cranston (no spoilers); the big problem with Elizabeth Olsen (no spoilers); and that big problem with Aaron Taylor Johnson (also, no spoilers). So yeah, Godzilla had a ton of issues.

So why are we getting another Godzilla movie? And why was the first movie such a success? Well, clearly people liked this movie. (Our very own Kristy gave the film a perfect 5-star review, saying Godzilla is "everything you want out of a summer movie," and is "the best disaster movie since Independence Day.") It has a 73% Fresh grade on Rotten Tomatoes, so in general, people were OK with it.

But treating Godzilla like a punching bag has become a national pastime in movie geekdom since Gareth Edwards released the film, with a few of the usual suspects rehashing the same complaints. Which is fine. Edwards knows what he needs to correct when he gets back behind the camera for Godzilla 2. But that’s years from now, and before Edwards gets there, he’ll detour into the Star Wars universe for an as-yet-determined standalone movie (that might involve Boba Fett). Here’s hoping when Godzilla 2 rolls around, I hope we get more Godzilla… and less clips released after the movie pointing out all of the places that the movie went wrong.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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