It’s working pretty well for Marilyn Monroe, whose life is unfolding on screen in the upcoming biopic My Week With Marilyn, shot by Simon Curtis and starring Oscar nominee Michelle Williams in the lead role. Now another platinum blonde Hollywood icon appears ready to receive the biographical treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, who recently launched the Stone Angel production and financing company, has acquired the rights to Arash Amel’s spec script titled Grace of Monaco. It reportedly captures a snapshot of Kelly's high-profile career, and parallels the Oscar winner’s life story with the politics of the time. The trade goes so far as to connect this spec script to Tom Hooper’s The King's Speech, which either elevates it to a coveted category if you loved that story, or dooms the project before it starts if you didn’t.

The challenge in adapting Kelly’s life for a two-hour production, I’d imagine, is deciding which events need to be trimmed down. She came from wealth, started acting in television in the 1950s before ascending to superstardom thanks to critically acclaimed performances in such films a Mogambo, The Country Girl (for which she won the Oscar) and a handful of Alfred Hitchcock classics.

But Kelly’s life took a turn in a completely different direction when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco, becoming Princess Grace and instantly solidifying herself as a pop culture icon. THR notes that much like Marilyn, the film will zero in on a brief, six-month stint in Kelly’s life where, in 1962, she’d left Hollywood and assumed a political position in Monaco and had to work behind the scenes to avoid a potential coup. With the ball rolling on a Kelly biopic, now we’re excited to see who’s hired to direct the feature, and who’ll be cast in the sure-to-be-coveted leading role.

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