Grave Encounters 2 Clip: There's Something Behind That Window

With no less than the fourth Paranormal Activity movie coming this month, the "found footage" horror trend shows no signs of stopping, and lucky for fans of all things spooky, it's not just the Paranormal Activity movies getting in on the game. There have been any number of found footage horror films emerging over the last few years, and while we can all admit not all of them have been successful, they're all daring attempts to change up the horror format for our new, everything-is-recorded era.

Now there's a new film to add to the found footage horror canon-- though, in fact, it's a sequel to a film you've already seen. Before it opened last year, the trailer for Grave Encounters garnered 23 million views on YouTube, many people buying into the premise of a ghost-hunting reality show as if it were real. Now, in Grave Encounters 2, a film student named Alex sets out to prove that the action in the film really was real. And in the exclusive clip below, you can see the kind of trouble he encounters that proves him right:

Grave Encounters will begin playing midnight shows in limited cities this week, and it's also available on VOD. You can read the official synopsis and watch the trailer below.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS was a found-footage horror phenomenon that many people believed was just a movie. Film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong in GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2. Alex is as obsessed with the first film as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend