The Griswold's New Vacation Ride Looks Like Something Out Of James Bond

If you're traveling down the Holiday Road, you're going to want to do so in style. The station wagon is obsolete, the family sedan is too cramped, and a minivan may as well read "Desperate Family In Need Of Change" on the side. You're a discerning consumer, and you deserve better. You deserve the 2015 Tartan Prancer!

The 2015 Tartan Prancer, as seen in the latest viral ad for Warner Bros.' Vacation, is the car the Griswold family will be taking on their summer road trip. From the looks of the promotional video they've just released, it looks like a luxurious vehicle that comes equipped with everything Albania's finest auto manufacturer has to offer. You want a huge remote with tons of buttons? You've got it! A control panel that's as intimidating as it is difficult to look at? It's there! A cup holder in the door handle? Admit it... you didn't think of that, but you're intrigued to try it out! All this, a state of the art CB radio, and more await you in the 2015 Tartan Prancer!

Much like his father before him, it looks like Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) has been suckered into a car that just screams of the difficulty his family vacation is going to run into. Especially considering that reclining head rest also goes forward, and to a seriously uncomfortable degree. Come to think of it, the one thing this car would be really good at is foiling anyone who's trying to attack you. With all of the gadgets and gizmos at your disposal, the Tartan Prancer could be something James Bond and Ethan Hunt will envy you for possessing. This is, of course, after you've studied the owner's manual thoroughly and, we assume, pass some sort of Tartan mandated safety course/knowledge test to prove yourself worthy of such a vehicle.

This viral ad for Vacation, while creative, is also a bit problematic. Mainly the fact that the film is going to make a running gag out of the car and its many quirks, and we've already seen quite a few of them at work. So when it comes time for the July 29th release of the John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein film, a lot of the car jokes are going to deploy with no surprise whatsoever.

Still, the Tartan Prancer – much like the universe – is filled with surprises to spare. At least, it should be if the remote and control panel are telling the truth. Which means that Vacation might give audiences some fresh vehicular mayhem after all, as well the prospective title of a sleeper comedy hit in an already impressive summer blockbuster season. We'll find out the hard way when Vacation packs its bags and buckles up on Wednesday, July 29th.

Mike Reyes
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