New Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Posters Spotlight Star Lord, Drax, Gamora


If you were setting your clocks, or Google Alerts, the good news is that the final character posters for Guardians Of The Galaxy are here, courtesy of Fandango (opens in new tab). Yesterday, we gave you a look at Rocket Raccoon and Groot sharing some space on the marquee. And now, here's your look at Gamora, the last of the Zen Whoberi, and estranged daughter of the Mad Titan Thanos. That's also Zoe Saldana underneath the makeup, star of Avatar and Star Trek.

Trained to be an assassin at birth, Gamora eventually turned against Thanos when his cause became far more insidious and destructive. Fortunately for the Guardians, she's one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, and she won't let Thanos' goals interfere with hers. Given that there's only an eleven-year difference between Saldana and Brolin, you can imagine they'll find a way to age Brolin up a bit in his role.


And here's a peek at Dave Bautista, WWE wrestler, as Drax The Destroyer. You may recognize that back-to-the-camera pose as a familiar go-to for several action heroes looking to look badass. It also makes people think, hey, great shoulder blades. Bautista, who was previously in Man With The Iron Fists, Riddick and (!) Werner Herzog's My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, has the right look and build, and has completed the role in addition to various WWE appearances. No doubt that the WWE will do their part in promoting their star in this big summer blockbuster.

Drax is a relentless warrior with a secret: he was once human, and his family was once indiscriminately murdered by Thanos. Seeking vengeance, his spirit was then placed in the body of an alien warrior. It's uncertain as to whether the movie is following this storyline; it might just be easier to say, "This is Drax, from the planet [X]," particularly considering Drax's past human life doesn't come up much in the comics.


And finally, this is your best look at Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, the leader of the Guardians. Pratt, a star on television's Parks And Recreation, is about to have a moment: he's also the lead in next year's Jurassic World. How he'll manage to do that and feature in the final season for Parks And Recreation is unknown. Still, nice pecs, Andy Dwyer. #MouseRat4ever

Quill is son to a human mother and an alien adventurer of a father, one who becomes a rogue of the spaceways. It's unclear if his father Jason will figure into the story, but James Gunn regular Gregg Henry is part of the cast with no role listed... oh man, tell me Gregg Henry is playing his obnoxious spacefaring jerk father. As for this poster, well, without his mask, you only hope that Quill is able to breathe in space. If not, hey, this is Marvel's shortest movie yet.

Guardians Of The Galaxy hits August 1st.