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With the summer season well underway, a lot of people are looking to go on vacation. As with any traveler, there are two basic options: you can do the same old trip to the Grand Canyon or Hawaii or some other sort of "wonder of the world," or you could do something more adventurous - something that's new, exciting, and requires faster than light transportation. After all, if you're going to go away, why not go far, far away? This is where Galaxy Getaways comes in.

A division of Disney, Galaxy Getaways is in no way a viral website for their upcoming film Guardians Of The Galaxy. But if it were, it would be an awesome way to expose fans to the various destinations on different planets showcased in the film. In addition to showing off the various destinations of the known and unknown universe, the site even arranges for you to start your trip right away! All you have to do is input your current location, and a Galaxy Getaways cruiser will be right over to pick you up (one that strangely looks a lot like Star-Lord's ship, The Milano). No matter where you're coming from or where you're going, the travel time to your final destination is always the same: worth it!

What's particularly fun about this Guardians Of The Galaxy site is that it uses Google Maps to help immerse the audience in the illusion that their screen is the key to an interstellar getaway. You can use Street View to walk around the streets of Knowwhere, read more about just why Xandar's 260 hotels are all luxurious by standard, or you can check the weather on Morag – which looks like it's cloudy, with a chance of final battle. Of course, if you're planning on visiting any of these fantastic locales, you're going to want to have your paperwork in order. Thankfully, your Intergalactic Passport can be generated via a link at the bottom of the screen.

Much like those package holidays you'll find over at Disney's other intergalactic travel agency, Star Tours, Galaxy Getaways is ready to bring you somewhere that you've never been before. It's an exceedingly creative way for the folks at Marvel Studios to sell the public even further on Guardians Of The Galaxy, and like any good viral campaign – it works. Don't believe me? Well then sign up for your very own Galaxy Getaway today, and then come back to me with an argument to the contrary. And if you happen to enjoy yourself, well then all I can say in reply is the Galaxy Getaway corporate motto: "You're welcome."

Guardians Of The Galaxy, the official sponsor of Galaxy Getaways, arrives in theaters on August 1st.

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