Guillermo del Toro is theoretically the most busy man in Hollywood, as he seems to be constantly announcing some new project or producing effort, adding story after story onto the pile until it's clear he couldn't get any of it done in a single lifetime. But in the time since Hellboy 2: The Golden Army was released in 2008, del Toro has released precisely zero films as a director, and though plenty of films he's produced have made it into theaters-- from Splice to all the DreamWorks Animation projects on which he's a consultant-- plenty of them are still trying to get off the ground. So when Guillermo del Toro starts talking about an idea for a movie, you have no real way or knowing when or if that movie will ever actually exist.

Now take that grain of salt and add another one, as what we're reporting right now is a rumor. Latino Review is hearing from one of their trusted (and very colorful) sources that del Toro is currently talking about what projects he might make for Warner Bros. once he releases Pacific Rim for them next summer, and his next project could be really, really big. Warner Bros.-- which owns the film rights to DC Comics-- is already planning their superhero Justice League team-up, but del Toro wants to make something that's essentially the Justice League for monsters. DC Comics creatures like Deadman, Swamp Thing, Phantom Stranger and Constanitne Hellblazer could be united in a single film, and apparently Warner Bros. is so enthusiastic about the idea that lawyers have been "working every night" to clear the rights to the characters.

It sounds like a project even more ambitious than Pacific Rim (and that's really saying something), and it's exciting to hear that Warner Bros. is high on del Toro right now, since he's a guy who will never run out of ideas for any studio that wants to help him get his movies made. But, again: there is no way of knowing when or if this project will actually happen. So dream all you want about the Justice League for monsters, but for now the actual Justice League movie-- currently set for release sometime in the summer of 2015-- is much more real.

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