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Lisbeth Salander is a survivor of abuse and rape, a dour and violent girl who trusts nobody, a misunderstood genius who has trouble communicating that to the world. So why wouldn't you want to dress like her? Believe it or not, H&M thinks you want to do just that; as The Telegraph reports, the cheap and fashionable clothing franchise is collaborating with Trish Summerville, the costume designer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, to create a clothing line based around the heroine from that upcoming movie.

The line includes 30 pieces that will debut in Paris on November 28, then expand to 180 selected H&M stores worldwide starting December 14, just 11 days before David Fincher's movie opens on December 25 (December 26 in the UK). H&M is a Swedish company, so it makes sense for Dragon Tattoo to team up with a clothing store based in its homeland; more importantly, the stores appeal to the young women who may identify with Lisbeth Salander, and who may otherwise not be all that anxious to see a grim, violent movie on Christmas Day. Here's how Summerville explains what you can expect from the clothing line:

"We took her [Salander's] basic pieces that we used throughout the film and did a little more fashionable version for H&M,"

So you think you want to dress like Lisbeth Salander, as played by Rooney Mara in the movie and seen in the above photo? I'm not sure I understand you, but given how Lisbeth has been portrayed as the ideal modern heroine ever since Stieg Larsson's bestselling books became global hits, I guess I get where it's coming from. I also have to applaud Sony for coming up with yet another brilliant way to market their most uncommon release of the year, something already bold enough to market itself as "The feel-bad movie of Christmas." I'd rather have a little more color and a few less spikes in my day to day wardrobe, but I won't deny that I'll be curious to check this line out when it comes to my H&M store in December.