New HOP Trailer Reveals The Battle For Easter: Is This A War Movie?

Having seen the first two trailers for HOP I assumed, wrongfully it seems, that this was just another in a long line of CGI talking animal moves in with a human movie. See Garfield or Alvin and the Chipmunks as reference points. The newest HOP trailer, though, washes all of that away. What this movie really is, is a war movie.

See this trailer mostly revolves around an evil, incredibly cute, fluffy yellow chick plot to overthrow the bunny management who runs the factory where Easter is produced. They do this with a wide assortment of chocolate guns and nefarious plotting. Apparently Easter, as a holiday, works pretty much like Christmas. Except instead of Elves making toys at the North Pole, it’s baby chicks and bunnies making candy inside Easter Island.

This new trailer contains evil, fluffy traitors, bunny ninjas, and at least one scene in which the movie’s star CGI rabbit “EB” pulls off some sweet Matrix moves while dodging a saw. Oh and there’s some actor in this movie too.

Check out all the candy-coated violence in this eye-opening new “Battle for Easter” themed HOP trailer:

Josh Tyler