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With the leaves turning and Halloween on the way, October is prime time for watching movies that scare the hell out of you. And one of the scariest of the last few decades is making its way back to theaters to give you even more nightmares. John Carpenter’s slasher classic Halloween is making its way back to theaters, though your window to see this on the big screen one more time is very, very small.

Fathom Events is going to bring a young Jamie Lee Curtis and the original Michael Myers back to theaters for one night, and one night only. That’s not a terribly shocking development; every year about this time, reparatory screenings of the original Halloween go down all over the country, but this one won’t take place exactly when you expect it to, as it happens on Thursday, October 29, sandwiched between the film’s original release date, October 25, 1978, and the spookiest holiday on the calendar. With Halloween on a Saturday this year, that seems like a missed opportunity, but perhaps the logic is that people will have other plans that night, and this way they can use the week prior to get them in the sinister mood.

In addition to simply watching Halloween at the theater again, these particular screenings will arrive with an exclusive new introduction from John Carpenter himself, which you’ll only be able to see at these showings.

For those of you not familiar with this particular horror franchise, which gave birth to numerous sequels—as well as a Rob Zombie-directed reboot, which itself spawned a sequel—it is perhaps the film that most defined the 1980s slasher genre. A mental patient, who has been institutionalized since killing his sister when he was six-years-old, escapes and wreaks havoc on his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, particularly on Jamie Lee Curtis’ teenager Laurie Strode, all while wearing a creepy as hell William Shatner mask and brandishing a rather large knife. Yeah, it’s a pretty good time.

Over the years, the Halloween family has grown to include ten films, including the remake and sequel, with still more on the way. Halloween Returns is reportedly in development, and it will mess with the continuity of the franchise somewhat. According to what we know, it picks up years after Carpenter’s own 1981 Halloween 2. Apparently ignoring the films that come after that one, Returns follows the daughter of one of the cops from Halloween 2, as well as the 18-year-old child of one of Michael Myers’ victims, as they sneak in to watch him be executed. This, of course, does not go entirely as planned, and he escapes, causing a ruckus once again.

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