Jamie Lee Curtis Won An Oscar, See John Carpenter's Message To The Halloween Icon

Jamie Lee Curtis had many iconic roles in Hollywood long before Everything Everywhere All At Once, but it took that film to earn the actress her first nomination and eventual win at the 95th Academy Awards. She's received a sea of congratulations from fans who knew it was a long time coming. and one prominent director who likely knew Curtis would get her flowers eventually. Halloween director John Carpenter sent a message to Curtis shortly after her big win. 

John Carpenter, writer and director of the first Halloween and screenwriter for the sequel, played a key role in making Jamie Lee Curtis one of Hollywood's most iconic scream queens. Now the Laurie Strode actress can add an Oscar to her collection and further cement her legacy, and Carpenter was here for it. The director sent out a brief message on Twitter congratulating his collaborator:

It's a simple message, but one that assures the world that John Carpenter is happy for Jamie Lee Curtis. It's possible he'll send a more personal and heartfelt message privately in the coming days, and the public will just have to wait and see if Carpenter or Curtis offer it to the world.

While Jamie Lee Curtis never received major awards consideration for her work in the Halloween franchise, it goes without saying the horror movie played an integral part in her career. John Carpenter's movie was the first feature film that Curtis was cast in, and it would lead to many more roles in horror and gain her a following in the genre. 

The actress is still considered a top name in the horror genre but made great strides in becoming known for her work in other prominent movies. It all ultimately led to her Oscar nomination in Everything Everywhere All At Once, specifically being nominated for Best Supporting Actress like her mother, Janet Leigh. Leigh was nominated in 1960 for her role in Psycho but lost the award to Shirley Mae Jones.

In an ironic twist, Janet Leigh won a Golden Globe the year for Psycho, where her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, lost despite winning an Oscar. Curtis lost her Golden Globe nomination to actress Angela Bassett, who won for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Bassett was also someone movie fans thought could end up winning the Oscar, but as we now know, the award went to Curtis. 

Jamie Lee Curtis' win may be of little surprise to anyone who saw Everything Everywhere All At Once, as she crushed her role as Deirdre. It was a role that asked everything from being a boring pencil-pusher to a hulking monster, and Curtis rose to the challenge and passed with flying colors. 

Jamie Lee Curtis is just one of many big winners during the Oscars, so be sure to keep checking in to see who won what as the night continues. Between that and the jokes about Will Smith and Chris Rock's slap, readers can stick with CinemaBlend to ensure they don't miss a moment!

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