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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas director Todd Strauss-Schulson guided the marijuana-fueled sequel to a $13.1 million opening weekend, and as a reward, Warner Bros. would like to send him on a Family Getaway.

The low-concept comedy reportedly follows a family on vacation who are caught up in a cross-country, high-speed chase once it’s revealed that the father in the pack is an assassin, and now he’s running from a lethal adversary. The initial treatment is credited to Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, though Nick Kasdan allegedly worked on the script back when he was attached to direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Family Getaway sounds like a hybrid of the Ashton Kutcher-Katherine Heigl bomb Killers and National Lampoon’s Vacation, which already is receiving an inevitable remake. Is there any way the Vacation reboot and Getaway can just be morphed into one project?

Without having seen a Family Getaway draft, I’m guessing it has the same loose, goofy humor that Strauss-Schulson embraced in his Harold & Kumar installment. This appears to be his brand of humor, solidified by a scan of the short films on his resume. The one time music director eased onto the scene with shorts such as Zombies and Cheerleaders, Sorority Pillow Fight, Big Pussy, and work on a TV series titled Gaytown. Yeah, I don’t think we’re seeing the next Christopher Guest arrive on the scene before our very eyes. Yet so long as people pay good money for weed jokes, filmmakers like Strauss-Schulson will continue to get greenlights.

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