We told you last week that the producers of the Ender's Game movie were considering trying to get Harrison Ford for the role of Colonel Hyram Graff, and Katey wondered whether the semi-retired Ford would even consider the part. Now it seems there's another production courting the actor for a more down-to-Earth character. According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures wants Ford to play Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey in the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) penned the script and will direct the film. 42 (referring to Robinson's jersey number) tells the life story of baseball great Jackie Robinson and his signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, which shattered the sport's segregationist "color barrier". In 1943 Rickey received approval from the Dodgers Board of Directors to begin looking for the right player to help put an end to the racist policy. He signed Robinson to the minor league Montreal Royals in 1945, and then brought him up to the majors at the beginning of the 1947 baseball season. Rickey continued to work with Robinson to face the discrimination the decision brought down on both their heads. The act set things in motion for other leaders and teams to desegregate in the following years.

First optioned back in 2005, 42 had been stalled for a while before Legendary and Helgeland resurrected the project, with the help of Robinson's widow, Rachel Robinson. Past incarnations of the project have had various other big names rumored for the role of Rickey, including Robert Redford and Jack Nicholson.

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