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Sometimes a successful career as a movie producer happens because you pick a series of hit projects and use those to establish your name. And sometime you come across one single property that can make you and generations of your family rich, and you run with it. That's what happened for David Heyman, the English producer who came across the unpublished manuscript Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (that's the British title) and thought "Hey, I bet I could make a movie of that." Eight films and billions of dollars later, Heyman may have made one of the best bets in the history of the movie industry.

But with the final Harry Potter film coming out this summer it's time for Heyman to move on like everyone else, and according to The Wrap, he's set his sights on what he may think is the next Potter. Heyman's Heyday Films and Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to the Oscar Pill series, a five-book French fantasy series by Eli Anderson about a teenage boy who can travel inside living creatures. If you speak French you can learn more at Anderson's official website; there's no word on a writer attached to adapt the screenplay or any other steps forward in production, so don't count on Oscar Pill being around to replace Harry Potter in the near future.

If you want to hear more from Heyman about the final Harry Potter film you can check out my detailed interview with him here.
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