Hasidic Jew Community Enraged Over Amazing Spider-Man 2 Shooting Schedule

Spider-Man, if you’ll remember, made headlines in 2011 when Marvel and writer Brian Michael Bendis re-interpreted Peter Parker as a teen of African American and Latino descent. But for all the multi-cultural good that innovative kind of thinking brought the superhero, it now looks like it it may be undone by some controversy in the Jewish community.

According to DNAinfo, the New York neighborhood of Williamsburg is in a bit of an uproar over the shooting schedule of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which will be filming at the Marcy Avenue Armory on March 22-27 and shutting down the surrounding streets in the process. Normally, this would just be an annoying hassle, but those dates happen to coincide with the beginning the Jewish holiday of Passover, as it starts on March 25. The Hasidic population in the area says the street closures would create a parking fiasco, as the holiday is mostly spent gathered as a family, which means a lot of people not from the area would be forced to find non-optimal alternative means of stowing their vehicle.

"Now is the busiest time of year, when not only are the families home, but everybody's having guests," explains community leader Rabbi Moishe Indig. "It's already congested, and there's so much parking in need. It's not fair to take away so much space." The Community Board is making heavy implications that Columbia Pictures should rearrange their schedule for the greater good of the community.

A Columbia representative attended the Williamsburg Board meeting this week, upholding the argument that the permissions were already granted, while a spokeswoman from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment said the next day that no official permits had yet been granted. Then a PR rep from Columbia declined to comment on any exact dates for street closures, only saying they were trying to “minimize any impact on the neighborhood,” and that they were “doing our best to be good neighbors.”

A compromise will undoubtedly be reached soon, as Columbia would have to be thicker than Jameson’s mustache to think pissing off a community in Spider-Man’s backyard is a good idea. Somehow, we doubt it will affect the Marc Webb’s sequel.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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