Hayden Christensen Is Not Superman

Earlier in the weekend we reported here on a rumor from a loyal CB reader who claimed she met up with JLA star Adam Brody in a bar and got him to tell her what’s up with Justice League. Brody, apparently, told her that Hayden Christensen would be playing Superman in the film. We told you we’d check up on it and see what’s going on… and now we have answers.

Tonight we managed to get in touch with Hayden’s representation, who confirmed that “this is not true.” Hayden Christensen is not playing Superman in Justice League. Whether that means our reader simply made the whole thing up, or whether Adam Brody was just jerking her chain remains to be seen. Some have suggested there’s bad blood between Brody and Christensen, and that the whole thing might have been his idea of a joke. Or maybe Candace had one too many beers herself and was actually talking to a potted plant.

Whatever the case, Hayden’s not Superman. Whether the rest of the information provided by our source turns out to have any validity remains to be seen. As usual, we’ll do our best to keep you updated with the facts as we get them.

Josh Tyler