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With a title like Hellboy, and an Oscar-winning director behind it, you might expect Hellboy 2: The Golden Army to be some serious meditation on life and the underworld and the duty of a superhero. But as it nears it release date, Hellboy is proving itself to be a gorgeous comic book adaptation that also has a sense of humor. I hate to say it, but it definitely makes The Dark Knight look glum and depressing by comparison.

Just check out this new trailer for the movie, which disguises itself as the weirdest Public Service Announcement you've ever seen. You know when celebrities come on during commercial breaks and tell you about the importance of reading to your kids or helping the elderly? Yeah, just think about how much more interesting it would be if big ol' red Hellboy was the one up there doing the talking, and threatening you in the process. The trailer comes from Trailer Addict, but we've embedded the whole thing below. And it's short, so you can watch it and then make it to the fireworks store in plenty of time. Happy Fourth of July!

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