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The Rock has been teasing fans all week about the trailer for his upcoming summer blockbuster Hercules, which will dominate theaters starting in July. Earlier, we shared two images from the visceral thriller. Today? Hercules
Machinima dropped the Hercules trailer on its official YouTube page. We are treated to Dwayne Johnson taking on all forms of historical, mythical and supernatural creatures. It is a throwback to a Clash of the Titans level of swords and sorcery. And it looks about as bad ass as you might have hoped!

For example, Rock decides he’s going to fight a lion in this movie.

Hercules Lion

Later, he bradishes a massive club and battles what looks like a boar. Not just any boar, mind you. This one is the size of an elephant.

Hercules Boar

If there is one thing that gives us pause here, it’s that Hercules is helmed by Brett Ratner. Yes, the same director who felled the X-Men with The Last Stand, and lazily rolled through multiple Rush Hour films. His attachment to a project doesn’t give us waves of hope. But this trailer looks fantastic, and should be a tease for the promise of amazing things to come.

The Rock recently sat down with our own Eric in Las Vegas to promote Hercules and drop hints as to the DC Comics character he hopes to play in the near future. It didn’t sound like an "If." It sounded like a "When." In the meantime, check out the still that recently landed online for Brett Ratner’s movie. Will Johnson’s summer blockbuster wash away the wretched taste left in all of our mouths by The Legend of Hercules from earlier this year? If anyone is going to do it, it’s Rock. Can you smell what he is cooking?

Hercules Screaming

Hercules 2014

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