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Here's How Batman's Producers Saved The Day After Bane Wrecked Some Wedding Photos

Stupid Bane (Tom Hardy). That dude ruins everything for the poor citizens of Gotham. Want to take your kids to a Gotham Rogues football game? Bane’s blowing up the field. Trying to get out of town for the weekend? Bane blocks all of your bridges. And you booked a downtown chapel for your long-awaited wedding? Bane has to photobomb your pictures by flirting with your bridesmaids!

The masked terrorist apparently entertained a wedding party in this linked photo, which recently made its way to Reddit. The user shared the photo from a location in downtown Pittsburgh where a couple had booked a church. What they couldn’t plan, however, was the fact that Christopher Nolan and his crew would need the street right outside of the church for an explosive, gun-and-bullet-filled scene for The Dark Knight Rises. And in between takes, Tom Hardy, as Bane, did his best to charm the gaggle of pink-shaded bridesmaids, recruiting them for his army.

In the comments section beneath the photo, Reddit user pm_me_your_sploits explained:

There was no way the bride and groom could have known they were going to be filming a movie when they booked the chapel, so it basically caused a lot of inconvenience for them and their guests as there were explosions and gunfire on the street during their wedding. The producers were cool about it though; and parked one of the batmobiles in front of the chapel so the bride and groom could take a bunch of pictures in it."

And that is the video that you see at the top of this story. Total fail that they didn’t try to reenact this classic moment from Christopher Nolan’s third (and final) Batman movie:

Bane photo

Or that the groom didn’t pick up his bride and, instead of carrying her over the threshold, tried to restage this!

OK, that’s a terrible way to start a marriage. Instead, spend the day surfing comments under the Bane wedding photo. Reddit users are having a blast with a few of Bane’s memorable Dark Knight Rises catchphrases. So far, my favorite is, "Then you have my permission to cry!" What is yours?

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