The Dark Knight Rises Honest Trailer: Did Bane's Plan Make Any Sense?

The folks at Screen Junkies have made a name for themselves by creating a series of "honest trailers," which take footage from some of the year's most popular movies and recut them with voiceover that's more truthful (a.k.a. snarkier) than what we were given in the marketing. They do it to movies that really deserve their scorn, like the Twilight, but also some of the most beloved recent films, like The Avengers. Even if they're skewering something you love, you ought to be able to appreciate a good burn when you see one.

The Dark Knight falls somewhere in the middle. It's one of the year's most popular movies by far, but it's also one that has driven fans crazy in the months since it came out, as they pick apart the narrative inconsistencies and wonder how Christopher Nolan's incredible franchise came to what some call a disappointing end. If you're still upset about how The Dark Knight Rises turned out, Screen Junkies are here to help you work through your frustration. Take a look at their honest trailer below. Spoilers follow, obviously.

Some of these I definitely thought of in the theater, like being annoyed that Batman is such a small part of his own movie, or that Bane's plot is ridiculously overwrought. But others never occurred to me-- why would Batman spend all that time putting a gasoline bat symbol on a building? It's no surprise that The Dark Knight Rises has some logical fallacies, and if we're being honest, The Dark Knight does too. Hopefully even devoted fans of the film can take videos like this in relatively good spirits-- and if they object, prepare their own rebuttals and post those videos on the web too.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend