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Hero Blend #82: Let's Talk About That Suicide Squad Trailer

Between Man of Steel and the footage we’ve seen from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we all thought that we knew what was going on with the DC Cinematic Universe. Serving as a counterbalance to the more fun, ridiculous Marvel Studios films, it looked as though the comic book movies being made by Warner Bros. would be much more serious, gritty, and grounded in reality. However, that perception completely changed this week thanks to the release of the new trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Fueled by the epic sound of Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody," the brand new footage from the blockbuster makes the movie look much more like Guardians of the Galaxy than we ever expected. The action looks over the top, the characters look totally ridiculous, and there are more than a few moments that are meant to get some big smiles and chuckles out of the audience. It’s definitely a new color for modern DC Comics movies, and a fascinating sign for the future.

Joining me to discuss the new Suicide Squad trailer on this week’s Hero Blend is my good friend Silas Lesnick from Craved, who definitely had a different reaction to the footage than I did. Enjoy the conversation!

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