Hide and Seek Ending

In an expensively lame effort to drum up extra publicity for their less-than-promising film, 20th Century Fox is shipping Hide and Seek but are leaving out the final reel, indicating that it will be delivered separately at a later date. Like, Thursday, when theaters have to prep their reels for the next day's showings. I guess their tactic worked...here I am giving them a little bit more free publicity.

Apparently the ending is so earth shattering that they really, really don't want to give it away until the last possible second. 20th Century Fox, in a press release, announced that they want to "ensure everyone's enjoyment of the film and to prevent 'spoilers'." Right. The movie already features a very creepy Dakota Fanning. How much more disturbed do they think their top secret ending can make us?

In actuality, this film had gotten little notice until last week when television spots began flooding the market. The spots make the film look like a bad combo of The Sixth Sense and Drop Dead Fred, but who am I to judge? I haven't seen the ending. Rest assured that no matter what the ending is, there will be spoilers out within minutes of the movie's first finale on Friday afternoon. Fox is just wasting their money.