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Highlander Reboot Loses Its Director

If Juan Carlos Fresnadillo isn't careful he's going to wind up with a reputation of having a short attention span. In October of last year it was announced that he was moving on from the just-about-dead remake of The Crow to make a new version of Highlander. Unlike The Crow, some forward progress was made with the adventure film, signing Ryan Reynolds to play the lead role, but still more than a year later Fresnadillo has decided to say adios.

Deadline has gotten word the Spanish filmmaker is no longer directing the Summit Entertainment-produced Highlander reboot. Despite the director's long-time commitment to the project, it would seem that there is no bad blood between the two parties. Evidently Fresnadillo and the studio simply couldn't see eye to eye on the direction of the film, and "finally agreed to disagree." Summit will now start looking for a new director, but still has Reynolds attached and a script written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Fast Five's Justin Lin is attached to the movie as a producer, having previously been signed on to direct.

It sounds like Summit has a very clear idea of what they want in a Highlander film and there's a very good chance that they will simply find a filmmaker who agrees with their specific vision, but if you had to pick who would your dream director be for the Highlander remake? Who would you like to see play opposite Reynolds as the villain? Do you even want a new Highlander? Let us know in the comments below.

Eric Eisenberg

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