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There's no doubt that Luke and Owen Wilson are pretty damned similar, and not just because of the familial resemblance. In fact, an intrepid YouTuber has put together a reel of the numerous similarities that plague the performances of both brothers, and have us asking if Luke and Owen are really two separate people. Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

Special thanks go to Owenergy Studios' YouTube channel for compiling this interesting video of all of the various lines that both brothers have used, and to a certain extent abused, in their work. While the repetition of quirks in dialogue are the first sign of the Wilson brothers sharing a little more of a brain, the similarities don't end there. Take a quick listen to their voices, and you'll hear that Luke has always sounded like a pitched down version of Owen.

Looking through their filmographies, there's some similarities that stand out as well. Take for instance Owen Wilson's hit with Woody Allen, Midnight In Paris. The film tells the story of a writer who's enamored with the 1920's and happens to be able to live in them through some sort of magic happening. Which is funny, considering Luke Wilson had a flop with Rob Reiner's 2003 rom-com Alex and Emma, which involved a writer who was crafting a story set in the 1920's, and happened to be using the character as a surrogate for himself in said story. So is this a coincidence, or is "Luke" making movies that fail, only for "Owen" to pitch them behind the scenes as refined hits?

Of course, the fact still remains that a good part of Owen and Luke Wilson's extensive similarities are chalked up to the fact that the two of them are, in fact, brothers. Growing up together would have exposed them to the same circumstances, as well as similar milestones and environmental factors influencing them in very similar ways as children. Nature and nurture basically conditioned Luke and Owen to be almost identical to each other in every way that counts. So really, all of this "same person" nonsense is just that. Then again, Owen and Luke Wilson are named after Star Wars characters who just happened to be related. Considering both brothers were born before 1977's release of the first film, and identity documents can easily be forged by the right people, this could be more of a conspiracy than we thought.

At the end of the day, we know two things: Luke and Owen Wilson are two different people, and the big factor that sets them apart is that Luke Wilson never made No Escape. While Luke's not perfect, as he has his own skeletons in his closet, like My Super Ex-Girlfriend, he hasn't make that poisonous of a film. You can see Owen Wilson in Zoolander 2, in theaters now, while Luke Wilson has Outlaws and Angels coming out on May 25th.