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Owen Wilson Supercut Reveals His Many, Many Favorite Phrases

Improvisation has become a main facet of modern moviemaking. Dramatic and comedic actors are now given free reign to add to a script while filming so that it has a more naturalistic and realistic flow. Someone who has obviously taken advantage of this is Owen Wilson, who throughout his career has improvised a wide variety of lines. And it turns out that he has repeatedly used a number of the same words and sayings during these films, which this handy supercut proves:

Well, it looks to me like the world has just been introduced to a brand spanking new drinking game. The rules of which are pretty simple: any time that you’re watching one of Owen Wilson’s vast array of films and you hear him say a specific word or phrase, you have to finish your drink. Which word or phrase? Well, here’s the full list:

Honestly.Crazy as a road lizard.Whoa.Come on!God damn it!What are you talking about?Negative.Unbelieveable!Wow!

From the looks of things, that should be enough to get you completely plastered. Which is probably the best way to watch the likes of Around The World In 80 Days, Starsky & Hutch, Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb, The Internship and The Big Year. Too far? Thought not.

Owen Wilson isn’t the first cinematic luminary to be caught red-handed repeating a number of his lines. A couple of years back, an Aaron Sorkin super-cut showcased just how often the Oscar-winning scribe used a number of particular phrases throughout his work. And unlike Wilson’s, which for the most part seem to be his go-to, off-the-cuff words of choice, Sorkin repeatedly had his characters say the same phrases. Check out the rather damning evidence below:

Hopefully Aaron Sorkin has now taken notice of his constant use of these phrases. Because if he hasn’t, and they then pop up in Steve Jobs, then people might start taking this oversight a little bit too seriously. At this point though, we should all just sit back and appreciate his witty, wonderfully dramatic, and perfectly structured writing for just how great it is, without focusing on the negative.

Steve Jobs will hit cinemas on October 9, 2015, while Owen Wilson can be seen in Peter Bogdanovich’s She’s Funny That Way, which is due out tomorrow.