Holiday Gift Guide: What To Give Sci-Fi Movie Fans, Including Exclusive Discounts

The major shopping days of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone, and you still have gifts to get for this impending holiday season. Well, we're here to help with a series of gift guides that will make it a breeze to pick the perfect present for the movie lover on your list. Not only do we have a selection of great gift ideas, but also we've got some exclusive discounts for Cinema Blend readers!

Since much of the talk on the blogosphere the past few weeks has been all about the return of Star Wars, conversation at the office water cooler, the family dinner table and the playground has been abuzz about Episode VII. So, for this first week, we're focusing on gifts for the sci-fi fan on your list.


Looking for a special something for the next generation of Star Wars fan, or maybe just one who is a child at heart? Then check out these cool toys! They're sure to geek out over their very own remote-controlled R2D2. This inflatable droid stands at 2 feet tall, and is a steal at just $49.99! A fun diversion for the chilly nights ahead could be this incredible pop-up bookStar Wars Guide to the Galaxy that includes elaborate pop-ups, moving parts and working lightsabers for $34.99. For something more active, try this Tauntaun take on a classic hobbyhorse; now on sale for $24.99. For something more cuddly, there's this adorable handmade doll of everyone's favorite Wookie copilot! Custom-made, order this 20-inch beasty bff right away to allow for Christmas delivery. The Chewbacca plush (opens in new tab) is $41, and is available in classic brown or pink.

Knitted Caps

As the weather outside gets frightful as the ice planet of Hoth, give the Star Wars fan on your list a way to a geek chic way to stay warm with these handmade hats! Show your droid love with a droid-bedecked cap (opens in new tab) of your choice, and cosplay has never been easier with these charming R2D2, (opens in new tab) Princess Leia (opens in new tab) and Yoda (opens in new tab) custom-made caps! Prices range from $25-36, and Crafty Ridge, (opens in new tab) maker of the Leia hat, is offering our readers a special 10% discount on anything in her Etsy shop! Just enter the code CINEMABLEND at checkout.

Poster Sets

Deck your halls with boughs of holly, and your walls with Ewoks and Jedis thanks to these gorgeous poster sets! Poster Explosion (opens in new tab) presents a rustic graphic treatment of Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett, and you can get all four for $50, while Fiore & Lynx offers their pop art-inspired, limited edition Original Trilogy Poster set for $39.96, a 20% discount available for a limited time.


When it comes to displaying one's sci-fi pride, you can't go wrong with a T-shirt. Whether your sci-fi fan loves old school Star Wars, The Terminator, Spaceballs or Serenity, they'll be sure to drool over these killer tees. Han Shot First is just $17.99. Regularly priced at $20, the Support The Troops is 10% cheaper to readers who use the code MOVIELOVER at checkout, a discount that applies to all of Donkey Tees's products. For something more unexpected, Meta Cortex's tee selection which includes the above The Terminator and Spaceballs tees. Typically ranging from $17-20 you can get 10% off with the code cbd01. And last but not least, a tee that's sure to delight any browncoat worth their space spurs, Think Geek has a Serenity tee that displays a sharp schematic of the titular ship for just $18.99.

Posters & Prints

For a deeper cut gift, we recommend these striking prints and posters priced at $12-19. Etsy shop Monster Gallery (opens in new tab) offers a wide range of movie-inspired prints, but it was his take on Blade Runner that caught our eye. The Geekerie (opens in new tab) took a cue from Neil Blamkamp's political allegory for their propaganda art print for District 9, also offers a beautiful minimalist print for Alex Proyas' mind-bending mystery Dark City. Get a special 10% off discount on all his posters by using the code BLENDED at checkout. Finally, Harshness (opens in new tab) not only sells this rad graphic treatment on Jurassic Park's classic poster, but also offers you a special 20% off discount on all items in his shop. Just use the code cinemab at checkout.

Stocking Stuffers

Finally, if you're seeking a stellar stocking stuffer for a sci-fi fanatic, we've got a selection of out of this world gifts. For a bit of old school flare, check out this 11" tall, wind-up robot that shuffles along and shoots sparks from behind its plastic mask, just $24.00. For those with a sweet tooth, we suggest some astronaut ice cream. $3.99, and it comes in three flavors: Mint chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, and Neapolitan. For something a bit more mature/deranged, there's a 1:1 scale plush reproduction of Alien's chestburster, and there's even a suggestion on the best way to give it! Just $24.99. And for the person who has everything, we suggest a 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith Action Figure. What can you do with a Monolith Action Figure? Evolve. Duh. Now on sale for $6.49.

That's it for now, but check back next week for another gift guide. And feel free to share links to your suggested gifts in comments, or with me on Twitter.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.