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The Batman/Superman movie isn’t just telling a story, it’s building a mythology. As enjoyable as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films were, they skimped on many details of the Batman universe that also weren’t in the Burton series. So in re-introducing the Caped Crusader, Zack Snyder’s superhero mash-up is going to diversify Batman’s universe in a way that will be familiar to comic fans.

Hot off the heels of the announcement that Holly Hunter has been cast comes a rumor from Latino Review claiming that the Oscar winner is actually playing a beloved part of the canon, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. In the comics, she’s a former friend of the Waynes and a frequent part of Batman’s quieter stories. She’s also a melancholic element in his tumultuous upbringing: running an orphanage in the tougher part of Gotham, she’s frequently present at Crime Alley, where Bruce Wayne visits to honor the passing of his parents.

Thompkins has a surrogate mother relationship with Bruce, and also happens to know about his alter ego, frequently treating him for battle wounds that he can‘t simply take to the hospital and blame on spelunking. As a result, she’s supportive, but not very enthusiastic about his quixotic quest for revenge. More importantly, Thompkins is just a normal, everyday woman in this fantastical superhero world: she’s not a spy, she doesn’t put on wings or get exposed to radiation, she doesn’t die tragically to motivate someone else. She does have a slightly romantic relationship with Alfred on some occasions, however. Given that we’re talking the velvety voice of Jeremy Irons, clearly the sexiest of all Alfreds, that would make sense. Git it, Holly Hunter. Git it good.

Hunter is one of the greatest actresses of her generation, an Oscar winner for The Piano who was also equally deserving of kudos for classics like Raising Arizona, Broadcast News, Home For The Holidays, Crash (the good one), Living Out Loud and Thirteen. She’s also had one foot in the superhero world, and will probably reprise her role as Elastigirl in the Incredibles sequel. The gravity she brings to each role is considerable, and she adds a great depth to what could be a fairly minor role if she ends up being Thompkins, sort of a moral compass to a man in a mask who could use one.

Batman/Superman starts shooting soon, and is still slated for a May 2016 showdown with Captain America 3. Cap, you’re gonna need a dozen Holly Hunters to beat this movie!

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