How Independence Day: Resurgence Will Set Up Future Sequels

One of the most exciting movies coming up this year is the long-awaited sequel to 1996’s Independence Day. The sequel, titled Independence Day: Resurgence, is a film that fans of the original film didn’t anticipate ever becoming a reality. While the original was a box office and critical success, it seemed that too many years had past for a follow-up to ever come to fruition. Luckily for us, the sequel we’ve been hoping for for two decades will be hitting theaters soon, complete with the majority of its principle cast. Now the next question is: will this start a bonafide franchise with regular sequels?

Actor, comedian, and overall joy Jeff Goldblum recently spoke at Cinemacon to the possibility of future Independence Day films, saying:

I think what they have in mind is that if this is well enjoyed, then they have some ideas. And there may even be an artful reference towards the end of the movie of what could [happen next]. It sets up the possibility that it’s not over – that the fat lady has not yet sung.

This statement, which comes to us from the folks over at Fandango, seems pretty hopeful. While the future of the Independence Day franchise rests on the box office success of Resurgence, it does seem that future films have been discussed.

The team behind Independence Day: Resurgence surely knew how excited moviegoers would be at the prospect of another film. The original film is a pop-culture standard of the 1990’s, due to both its theater success, as well as its ample time on television in syndication. Dialogue from the movie, particularly Bill Pullman’s famous speech in the final act, are part of the lexicon of our culture, and so future films have a built-in audience. That audience is excited for the upcoming Resurgence, and will presumably carry on their excitement for future films.

Jeff Goldblum's statement seems to confirm that more films are likely on their way. For one, it appears that the discussions have already been had before Resurgence has even hit theaters. Additionally, Goldblum hints that the Resurgence will contains moments that hint or tease a future film. This tease may be in the primary action of the film, or it be something as simple as a mid-credit scene ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever the device, it is clear that the film itself will hint at a bigger world.

In the same Cinemacon event, other cast members also stated that more than one alien race may be in the Independence Day universe. Maika Monroe, who plays a grown up version of Mae Whitman’s Patricia Whitmore, teased the following:

We also learn that there might be other species, too. Not just those aliens.

Clearly there are other enemies, aliens, and worlds to explore in future Independence Day films. Now the real question is: will Independence Day: Resurgence be enough of a box office success to endure future films? Only time will tell.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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