With April coming to a close, the first movies of the summer blockbuster crop are about to drop for all to see. From Captain America: Civil War to Suicide Squad, the four months stretch between May and August is going to be jam packed with sure-fire hits, surprise successes, and die-hard flops! But out of all of the films vying for the attention of you, the moviegoer, which are the ones that seem to have the most buzz?

As always, Fandango has taken it upon themselves to poll a sample comprised of "thousands of moviegoers, and they’ve come back with the 15 most anticipated films of this summer. Breaking the competitors into three genres of film, Action, Family, and Comedy, the online movie ticket outlet has released the results publicly today, and it’s a mix of both surprises and shoo-ins. Join us as we run down the 15 most anticipated summer blockbusters, starting with the top 5 in the Action genre.

Action Cap
1. Captain America: Civil War
Release Date: May 6th

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Captain America: Civil War is the top of the Action heap. With Marvel Studios flicks dishing out a healthy amount of explosions and stunt work, the clash between Team Cap and Team Iron Man is too big of a centerpiece to avoid this summer. Though even if this list wasn’t separated by genres, we have a feeling that this one would still be at the tip-top of the rankings.

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