We have said this before about certain movies opening in theaters (hello, Chef), but do NOT go to Lasse Hallstrom’s The Hundred-Foot Journey hungry. The title refers to the distance separating rival restaurants on the outskirts of Paris – and the personal and professional journey taken by a young chef (Manish Dayal) as he starts in his father’s Indian restaurant but eventually aspires to cook in a venue blessed with Michelin stars.

Lasse Hallstrom jumped on the phone recently to talk about his film. But to talk about his film means talking about food, and the act (and art) of eating delicious food in exquisite restaurants. The joy of The Hundred-Foot Journey lies in experiencing food, in creating (and eventually eating) delicious dishes. Make reservations at your favorite eatery for right after your screening. Trust me. Here’s what Lasse Hallstrom had to tell us about The Hundred-Foot Journey… and about eating!

Helen Mirren
A lot of food was wasted filming Journey, and Hallstrom feels horrible about it.
Food-prep scenes require a lot of food items. And they require food in various stages of preparation – from sliced to diced, sautéed to served. Lasse Hallstrom knows he went through a LOT of food… and he doesn’t know where it went. "I was horrified. One day, it was on the schedule that we were going to shoot a scene in a two-star restaurant with the French food. And they had spent all day making beautiful plates. Like 50 of them. And then we never had time to get to them! I don’t know what happened to those plates of food. That kept happening. You never know how far you really are going to get into a scene. So a lot of food was probably wasted. It’s terrible."

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