How Much Would It Cost To Own The X-Mansion From X-Men?

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With James Mangold's The Wolverine out in theaters this weekend, the X-Men spirit is back around Hollywood and it's spreading. To celebrate the return of comic book mutants to the big screen, real estate website Movoto has created a special infographic that details the value of one of the coolest fictional residences in pop culture history: The X-Mansion, also known as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning or the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

While $58 million seems like a serious hefty price for a house as it is, that's only the cost of the property and the building that sits on top of it. If you want all of the extra little X-Men goodies, like the kick-ass SR-71 Blackbird, the incredibly powerful Cerebro and the carefully built Danger Room then you will have to pay a hell of a lot more money. I can't say where the Xavier family wealth comes from (wasn't Charles' dad a nuclear scientist?), but it looks as though they haven't had money problems for generations.

But how does the X-Mansion stack up against other fictional residences? It's definitely one of the most expensive. According to Movoto's calculations, the home of the X-Men is priced above places like Wayne Manor from the Batman comics (which is priced at $32 million), and Bag End from The Hobbit ($1.3 million), but it has nothing on Tony Stark/Iron Man's home in Malibu - which is apparently three times as expensive - at $4,690 per square foot - due to it's location.

The comic book fun doesn't stop with the infographic either. The mansion is also given a full fictional listing on the website - though it doesn't appear to actually be for sale. The only unfortunate part is that they've included a map to where the mansion is in North Salem, which puts a lot of people's lives in danger. It's pretty irresponsible of them. Heading over there you will also find full listings for Wayne Manor, Bag End and Seseme Street.

Sadly the X-Mansion doesn't make an appearance in The Wolverine, but it won't be long until the school finds its way back on to the silver screen. Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past will unite two different teams of X-Men from different points in the universal timeline, meaning that we may actually get to see two different versions of the campus. That particular film is still in production and will be released by 20th Century Fox on Memorial Day weekend next year, May 23, 2014.

While you wait for that, go see The Wolverine this weekend in theaters everywhere.

Eric Eisenberg
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