The Human Centipede 3 Trailer Is Surprisingly Funny, Also Gross

Say what you will about the Human Centipede series. As unfathomably abhorrent as they may be, the films never suffered from any delusions of grandeur of either being artistic achievements or the conceit of containing a deeper "message." Rather, they carry themselves with the dignity befitting of films about people getting abducted and turned into a sickening phalanx of gastrointestinal extension cords. However, with the upcoming The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), the series makes a radical change in locale, along with the most ambitious cringe-inducing creation, yet! The oddly humorous debut trailer and its 500 person human centipede need to be seen to be believed!

The demented Dutchman, himself, Tom Six is back to complete his stomach-turning trilogy that began with the gross-out game-changer, The Human Centipede (First Sequence) in 2010 and The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) in 2011. As we have seen with the series, the ante continues to be upped in regards to the "segments" of the titular human centipedes from three in the first film, to twelve in the second. However, it seems that the writer/director, Six intends to go out with a bang in this threequel and the increment has been upped significantly to a whopping 500!

This sequel appears to continue the meta-minded, fourth-wall-wrecking tradition of the last film, setting itself in a universe where the first movie actually exists as a work of cinematic fashion, in which the film’s villainous mastermind is actually inspired by the original movie. In this case, the film shifts to an American prison, probably in a state where tobacco spittoons are mandated by law in every public building, run by a power-hungry warden, Bill Boss (Dieter Laser), whose slimy assistant, Dwight (Laurence R. Harvey) sees solutions to practical concerns like dwindling budget and overcrowding as lying within the The Human Centipede movie.

Further description of the "plot" (emphasis on the quotations) is clearly unnecessary as even Ray Charles, who is both blind AND dead can see where this one is heading. An ambitious, and logistically baffling blueprint to create a 500 person human centipede out of an array of dangerous, violent inmates will have those wretched wrongdoers swallowing something worse than the cardboard-tasting Salisbury steak or life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Of course, there may be some folks reeking from the smell of pine from all the trees they’ve been hugging who might suggest that such a punishment is immoral and inhumane, even for these dangerous disciples of delinquency. Well, those folks will be too busy retching and vomiting to present an articulate case. Much to their chagrin, Bill Boss is going to show the forces breathing down his neck like Governor Hughes (Eric Roberts…just because) that his idea of reduced-cost criminal reform will not only stand as the ultimate deterrent to even petty instances of jaywalking, but is also the greenest solution to any institution ever conceived.

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) will pitch its solutions to the quandaries of both crime and civil engineering when it makes its video-on-demand debut on May 22.