It’s a big day for The Hunger Games. As well it should be, as we’re 50 days away from the release of the film. Earlier we shared the news that the movie was getting an IMAX release. And a little while ago we posted a giveaway offering one lucky winner two tickets to the movie’s premiere. Now there’s an exciting new trailer online!

Per Yahoo, the trailer below, which clocks in at a little over a minute, is set to air in theaters and on TV this Sunday during the Super Bowl pre-game show. It features a few new glimpses at the movie, which releases in theaters on March 23rd.

? As a believer in the theory that Stanley Tucci makes every movie better, I’m especially excited to see him in the role of Caesar Flickerman. We got a glimpse of that in the trailer above as he interviewed Katniss and spoke about Prim. He has sort of a Milhouse-esque hair situation going on. Meanwhile, not only did we get to see Katniss sharing the mockingjay pin with Prim at the start of the trailer, but we also get to see Cinna noticing the pin, which is a symbol of rebellion, on Katniss' collar and putting his finger to his mouth.

On the subject of the IMAX release, seeing the shot of the train rolling past what could be the Capitol, or else some other area of Panem, added to the snippets of the arena, including the burning tree falling, this movie looks like it’s going to look really great on an IMAX screen.

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