Hunt Down 50 Movie Titles In This Picture Quiz

It's a slow week for pretty much everyone, as we recover from the heavy drinking of Christmas and gear up for the even heavier drinking of New Year's, but you may have noticed it's absolutely abysmally dead in the movie industry, where every studio executive worth his house in St. Bart's is on vacation. So even if you don't have the day off, pretend you're one of those guys by wasting some time with the "spot the hidden movie title" graphic posted by The Daily Mail. You can see the quiz below, but might want to consult the larger version over there.

It's like the picture hunts you did as a kid, trying to figure out the hidden punny meaning of the frog in the topcoat, except all the weird little drawings represent familiar movie titles. Without spoiling anything I've spotted at least two De Niro-Scorsese collaborations, what seems to be a Pixar movie, and one Oscar winner from the last 15 years or so. Yeah, I'm not very good at these, but maybe you'll be. If you give up and need answers you can also click over to the Daily Mail site for a list. but come on! No fair cheating just yet.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend