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Snow White & The Huntsman was an alternate telling of a classic fairytale before even Disney decided that was a thing that they should do. Now the sequel is on it’s way and they’re focusing on what worked the first time around and replacing the parts that did not. We’re not following the character of Kristen Stewart’s Snow White but rather Chris Hemsworth Huntsman, and he’s co-starring with one of the strongest casts of women we’ve ever seen.
In what looks to be the dark, live-action version of Frozen that you know somebody was already puzzling over at Disney, The Huntsman: Winter’s War focuses on the Ice Queen, the sister of the defeated Evil Queen from the last film. By getting her hands on the Magic Mirror, she is able to resurrect her sister who died in the last film. The Huntsman is back to stand in their way, however, and this time he’s got another trained warrior to stand by his side. In addition to being a sequel, the movie also looks to be giving us some back story on the Huntsman as the brief shot of him as a young boy implies we will be learning where he came from.

Alongside the returning Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen is Emily Blunt as her sister Freya and Jessica Chastain as the warrior Sara. Theron was by far the highlight of the first film so the sequel is doubling down giving us two deliciously vicious women to enjoy. Chastain looks poised in her part to make a claim on every female action movie role in Hollywood. All three of these women look absolutely incredible here. Just seeing all three of them in the same film feels like some sort of major box office coup. Winter’s War looks dark and fantastical and we can’t wait to see more.

While the first film took its characters from the classic Snow White fairy tale it did so in a way that made it feel very unlike that sort of story. While the film was a financial success overall it was only a middling success with critics and audiences. It’s clear that the producers have taken Disney’s recent success at turning live action to heart as the trailer mentions Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland by name without actually mentioning it’s own direct predecessor. Other aspects of the trailer, like the rhyming narration make everything feel much more like a traditional fantasy than the first film did. However, since they’ve already used up the original story they have to use their more traditional mechanics on a more original story. Will these shifts bring in an even bigger audience than the last movie did?

And did we mention how badass every woman in this movie looks? Wow.