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During Lionsgate Movie’s Hall H panel for I, Frankenstein, which just posted its first trailer to YouTube, the general reaction to the footage shown was underwhelming. At the time, I thought it was mainly because fans had jammed into the Comic-Con venue to experience the Hunger Games: Catching Fire presentation. But now, weeks removed from San Diego, the Frankenstein clips still come off as undercooked.

The movie is written and directed by Stuart Beattie, whose previous script credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, 30 Days of Night and G.I. Joe:L Rise of Cobra. You can tell, as the trailer suggests hollow, cold digital effects with stock characterization. Aaron Eckhart plays Mary Shelley’s famous Frankenstein monster, caught in a centuries-old war waged between vampires and werewolves. The plot makes it sounds like a Van Helsing spinoff. The presence of Bill Nighy makes it looks like an Underworld crossover.

Every once in a while, when a dog of a trailer like this breaks (late on a Friday – never a great time to debut a trailer), Twitter shows its funniest colors. And I Frankenstein inspired a few hilarious comments. Here are my favorites:

January 24, 2014, to be specific. What is this about? Has Eckhart fallen so far from the days of The Dark Knight that he has to do January horror movies like this now? Or am I being too hard on I, Frankenstein? Does it work for you? Because perhaps me and my snarky Twitter followers are in the minority. Let us know below.

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