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After that depressing waste of celluloid The Happening (in which next to nothing actually happens), the ultra critical eyes will be ready to pick M. Night Shyamalan’s next film, The Last Airbender apart. We haven’t been given too much in the way of footage from the film, so most people, including yours truly, have reserved their early judgments until February, when the full trailer will be released.

Fans of the anime will get a little glimpse behind the scenes of Shyamalan’s latest if they spring for some actual printed media and pick up January’s issue of Empire. The pictures don’t exactly show off anything too flashy, but you do get a standard “I’m frigging awesome” shot of Night who I’m beyond positive said, “I look awesome standing right here, take the picture.”

Click on the image below to be taken over to LastAirbenderFans.com, who have graciously taken some scans of the magazine so us digiphiles can enjoy them too.