Last summer I had the chance to attend the D23 Convention in Anaheim, California and during the big movie presentation I was treated to a first look at the new animated Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. The footage was from the very beginning of the film and featured the title character, voiced by John C. Reilly, explaining what life is like as a video game villain. It is eventually revealed that he is attending a "Villains Anonymous" meeting, and the best part was that the characters that surrounded him in the meeting were all from other classic video games, ranging from Pac Man to Mortal Kombat. Now some new stills from the film have arrived online and reveal some more.

USA Today has published four new images from the upcoming movie, which is being directed by Rich Moore. As I show you each picture I will do my best to explain what everything is in captions. First up we have what appears to be an ordinary power strip, but in the movie universe it's actually a station that links together all of the video games hooked up to it.

Next we have a look inside of the power strip. The character on the left is Ralph and he appears to be giving Pac-Man cherries to the cast of Q*bert. Also, if you look on the far right of the picture you can see what appears to be Chun-Li and Zangief from Street Fighter. The high-res version of the image (which you can see over in the USA Today story) reveals that the games hooked up to the power strip include Pac-Man, Burger Time, Dino World and Dance Dance Revolution.

In this next image we meet Vanellope von Schweetz, a character voiced by Sarah Silverman. She comes from the videogame Sugar Rush, which is a racing game set in a world made of deserts (think Mario Kart with more baked goods). There is. however, a dangerous secret in the game that could spell the end for the arcade.

Lastly there's Sergeant Calhoun, who is brought to life by Jane Lynch. She exists in a game called Hero's Duty, which is similar to Halo in the sense that it's about space marines battling against evil aliens (I suppose you could really compare it to about 90% of video games on the market today).

Wreck-It Ralph arrives in theaters on November 2nd. For more from the movie head over to our Blend Film Database.

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