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Immortals Director Tarsem Singh Attached To Direct Killing On Carnival Row

Though he is known for working fast while a movie is in production, Tarsem Singh doesn't have a Steven Soderbergh-level reputation when it comes to developing projects. After the release of his first film, The Cell, in 2000, there was a six year wait for his sophomore effort, The Fall. It then took another five years for Singh to direct his third feature, Immortals, which came out last weekend. That pattern hasn't continued since, though. The director has already completed production on his take on the Snow White fairy tale, Mirror Mirror, which is due out in March, and now he's already setting up his fifth movie.

According to Deadline, Tarsem Singh is now attached to direct the film Killing On Carnival Row. The script was written by Travis Beacham, who also wrote Clash of the Titans as well as the upcoming Guillermo del Toro project Pacific Rim (which began production this week). The screenplay was actually the first one that Beacham sold, and the project has been in development for six years. Funny enough, there was a time that del Toro was actually attached to helm the project, as was Neil Jordan, but the site says that producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson think that Singh "will put them over the top." The film is a futuristic thriller set in a fictional city called Burgue that looks like 18th century London and is populated by both humans and "creatures." The drama begins when it's discovered that there's a serial killer on the loose.

This project sounds like it will be a great fit for Tarsem Singh. He has obviously established himself as a visual director, so anything that allows him to get creative in that respect should be a slam dunk and set in the future with "creatures" definitely fits that bill.

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