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New Inception Images, And Nolan Comparing It To The Matrix

The Los Angeles Times has gotten a remarkable amount of access to Christopher Nolan recently, being the first people to get him to talk on the record about his plans for a new Superman movie, and today running their report from the Inception set, complete with a handful of brand-new stills and set photos.

I guess all this carefully launched publicity for Nolan's new film makes the Times just another part of Nolan's massive puzzle that is Inception, but I'm fine with that when it brings so much interesting stuff along with it. In the article Nolan openly compares his film to The Matrix and Dark City, described the revolving set that created the shifting gravity fight sequence we saw in the first trailer, and talks about the ideas Leonardo DiCaprio brought to the film itself. It's a great and informative interview, made even more interesting by the fact that Nolan doesn't give very many of those.

Please, please read the article, but if for some reason you're illiterate or just lazy, the images-- including a clear shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that rotating hallway-- are worth a look too. Check out a few below and find even more at The LA Times. Inception opens July 16, but I think you already knew that.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend