The Insidious 3 Trailer Is Full Of Jumps And Scares

"Is she gonna die?" "Yes." At least the Insidious 3 trailer gets right to the point! Before Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne encountered The Further, the creepy dwelling where phantom forces reside, Dermot Mulroney and Stephanie Scott were terrorized by an aggressive spirit. As the first trailer for the horror franchise’s third installment promises, this is an origin tale, so get ready to learn how all this was built. 

Aside from the haunting spectrals, the constant of all the Insidious films is the psychic, Elise Rainer, played by Lin Shaye. She has returned once again for this next venture, which focuses on the Brenner family. A father, Sean (Mulroney), watches in horror as his teenage daughter, Quinn (Scott), is bombarded by supernatural encounters. An entity has targeted her, and it won’t stop until the poor girl is dead. It attacks her just as she’s trying to fall asleep, it tries to sling her out the window and it’s even got a hold of her soul, slowly eating away at it until little remains. (By the way, isn’t the number one rule of surviving a horror film to not look under the bed when ghosts come a knockin’?) 

That’s where Elise steps in. She uses her abilities to contact the dead in the hopes of saving Quinn. Insidious 3 promises to reveal even more about the mysteries of The Further, and that means even more ridiculous jump-scares. The trailer is full of them; it might as well be one prolonged jump-scare. But that’s part of the magic of this franchise. The tagline for Insidious 3 is "the most terrifying installment yet," and we’re inclined to agree. There’s a lot going on in the trailer alone that it’s almost impossible for your eyes to settle on the spirits playing in the shadows. In contrast is the Insidious 3 poster, which isn’t really flashy, but spine-tingling nonetheless.

Insidious 3 poster

James Wan of The Conjuring, Saw and Furious 7 has been the man helming the first two Insidious movies, but for the third outing it’s Leigh Whannell in the driver’s seat. This is his first feature film directing credit, but he’s been a mainstay of the franchise. He wrote the screenplay for the first two films, in addition to writing the story for Insidious 3. Based on the trailer, the film seems to be in good hands; there's nothing damning about the footage. If not Wan, then it should be Whannell.

Insidious 3 opens in theaters on June 5.