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Earlier this year, Saw creator James Wan released a haunted house(s) thriller called Insidious. Thanks to largely positive reviews and strong word of mouth, the $1.5 million-budgeted spirit tale pocketed $75 million in global grosses, making it one of the most profitable films released so far this year.

So to avoid messing with a good thing, Wan is sticking with the genre for his next go-round. He's currently in final negotiations, according to Variety, to helm the haunted-house drama The Conjuring for New Line. Wan’s idea behind the story centers on the real-life account of the Perron family, a Rhode Island clan who claimed to live among the dead -- both evil and kindhearted spirits. So that’s a little bit different than Insidious, but not so much as to throw fans off of the scent.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Wan, who did branch out of the horror genre for the visceral Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon. And at least he’s not milking the Insidious success to make a series of weaker sequels with the same characters. If, on the other hand, he finds room for beautiful Insidious star Rose Byrne, we can get on board with that. Summit, however, was not on board after failing to purchase Wan’s pitch, so Conjuring will be set up at New Line. Variety says no start date has been set.