It was almost exactly two years ago that Rodrigo Cortes broke out at the Sundance Film Festival with Buried, a thriller starring Ryan Reynolds. Set entirely in a coffin buried six feel below the Earth, the movie was lauded by critics, including our own Katey Rich. This year Cortes has once again returned to Park City, but this time around he's brought his film Red Lights, starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen and Robert De Niro. The movie doesn't have distribution in the United States yet, but it will be released this March in Spain, and that's why we have an international trailer to show to you today.

Check out the Spanish-language trailer below, which comes to us courtesy of Twitch.

Because my Spanish is limited to saying hello and counting to ten, I'm really not sure what the hell was going on in that trailer, but it does look mighty cool. We don't really get much of a sense of the performances in the preview, but given the talent involved I can't imagine that will be too much of a problem. This trailer is all about the visual and it delivers.

Both written and directed by Cortes, the movie is about a psychologist named Margaret Matheson (Weaver) who travels with her assistant (Murphy) to investigate a world-renowned psychic named Simon Silver (De Niro). Is Silver just a fraud who is just doing magic tricks or is he the real deal? Expect Red Lights to arrive in a theater near you sometime later this year.

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