Iron Man 3 Character Poster Suggests Much Bigger Role For Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce should have had a breakthrough year in 2012. OK, yes, he's been a star since the 90s thanks to LA Confidential and even Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, but since his promising star career slid into nonsense like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Time Machine, he struggled to snag roles that got him much-deserved attention-- until last year, when he killed it with a supporting turn in Lawless, a very small supporting turn in Prometheus and an insanely charismatic role in Lockout.

Yes, two of those movies were seen by almost no one, and Pearce's role in the final cut of Prometheus wasn't nearly as good as his TED Talk viral video, but he's on an upswing for sure, and ought to only be continuing it with his turn in this summer's Iron Man 3. We haven't been certain how large his role in the superhero movie will be, but the fact that he's at the center of a new character poster is a strong sign. Check it out below:

Though he looks almost identical to Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer character from Iron Man 2 (seriously, compare and contrast those glasses and gray suits), Pearce isn't a rival to Tony Stark but a geneticist named Aldrich KIllian, who is probably responsible for creating the Extermis virus, which in the comics is used by the Mandarin to no good end. Pearce has described his role in the movie as "cameo stuff", similar to his role in Prometheus, but given all the secrecy and misdirection that goes on around Marvel movies, who knows if he's just pulling our legs or not.

Pearce's poster is one of just many that have debuted in recent weeks, with Don Cheadle's Rhodey and Iron Man himself both getting their moments. For all the other images and posters we have for the movie so far, you can click here

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend