It's Do Or Die This Week For Justice League Movie

I’m really not sure which trainwreck we’re going to religiously follow, now that the Justice League of America movie seems to be truly reaching the end. is reporting that the movie’s crew will be told this week whether or not the project will continue in pre-production, which was put on hold last week amid rumors of script problems.

Script problems, of course, are pretty much a dealbreaker these days, since even when the writers are on the set, they can’t make any changes. IESB says that the production might be considering bringing in non-WGA writers to supervise production and, presumably, cobble together a coherent script. But if I know about these rumors, chances are the WGA does too, and we’ve all seen what happens when they really bust out the wrath and destroy something as big as, say, the Golden Globes. It’s probably safe to say they’re doing their best to work with what they have, and if they are using scabs, they’re being a heck of a lot quieter about it.

The slow decline of JLA from must-see comic book movie to campy travesty has been pretty remarkable to watch, and I keep wondering what they have to lose at this stage, with a low-rent cast and what must be an abysmal script. We’ve seen what can make money out there, and aside from pissing off the comic book loyalists, the guys behind this movie could stand to make a profit off the wide swath of audiences that will see anything with explosions and CGI trickery. At the same time, that’s probably what they said about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Right now I’m calling this whole thing DOA, though I’ve been surprised before. It seems best to hold off, put some more sure-thing projects into production, and let the strike end before starting again. Hey, maybe if they wait that long, they’ll get Jessica Biel back! Or, you know, maybe not.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend