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It’s been awhile since we’ve had any Snakes on a Plane news, so here’s an interesting tidbit. You’ve probably heard by now that Samuel L. Jackson fought to get the movie an “R” rating. But that’s not all. He actually made them go back and reshoot parts of it so that he could swear more!

Sam knew what he had in Snakes on a Plane, and obviously knew it needed plenty of trademark Sam Jackson “muthaf***ers” to make it work. He told the British pub Bang Media that he demanded more cursing and mad them go back and put more in. “What are you doing here? It's not 'Gone with the Wind'. It's not 'On the Waterfront'. It's Snakes on a Plane!” he says. He probably should have said “It’s Snakes on a Plane bitch!”. They should re-shoot that quote. So it’s all the extra swearing, along with some gore and nudity that’ll make it rated R. I’m not sure how they’ll work nudity into a group of people stuck on a plane, but if you can put snakes on a plane then why not boobies.

So, expect plenty of Sam Jackson’s trademark profanity when you when you join the rest of America this August in seeing the summer’s most important movie Snakes on a Plane. And while you’re buying tickets, make sure you order them by saying “Two adults for Snakes on a Plane bitch!” Don’t water it down folks.