JK Simmons Is Looking Ripped And Basically Unrecognizable Ahead Of Justice League Production

When you've won an Academy Award, and landed roles in major franchise with both of the massive comic book companies making films at this point, you can pretty much relax. Life comes easy when you have a gravy train that bountiful, and that's exactly what J.K. Simmons isn't doing ahead of his shooting schedule for Justice League: Part One. Rather, he's doing the complete opposite and getting jacked to an unholy level. Check out the ripped specimen that once terrorized Tobey Maguire and Miles Teller in the photo below.

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This first of three Instagram posts comes from Aaron Williamson, a fitness trainer / U.S. Marine who's helping J.K. Simmons get fit. Now while it's not totally clear why Simmons is undergoing such an intense physical regime, we're willing to bet that it has something to do with the production of Justice League: Part One, which is currently underway. If anything, the obscene amount of facial hair is what also has us thinking this way, as Simmons is probably growing enough hair so that he can trim it to appropriately Gordon-esque standards when the time is right. Still, these photos have us worrying for the bad guys in Gotham City, seeing as even if Batman is previously engaged elsewhere, they'll have to compete with this newly swole Commissioner Gordon.

It's a move that screams "Zack Snyder," but for once we have to say that potentially giving Commissioner Gordon some action to engage in is one of the better possible departures that Justice League: Part One could veer off on. It may not be turning Alfred into an ex-SAS hardass, a la the Batman: Earth One comic run, but it's still pretty sweet to see someone other than a metahuman rocking a body worthy for combat.

Though the more we think about it, it's not a complete surprise that J.K. Simmons is getting buff, as he looked pretty built in Whiplash. Also, you have to remember that he recently played the role of Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese in Peter Berg's drama Patriot's Day, which will have him partaking in a re-enactment of the manhunt that ensued after the Boston Marathon bombing. So while he's getting even more built now, we just may not have seen the work he's already been doing for some time now. For comparison, here's a photo of J.K. Simmons from Whiplash.


Now here's another Instagram post of Simmons' current workout status.

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If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Tobey Maguire, Miles Teller, and every perp Simmons came across in his role as Dr. Emil Skoda on Law And Order all simultaneously losing control of some important muscles. So we can only imagine what'll happen when audiences see J.K. Simmons' bad-ass Commissioner Gordon in Justice League: Part One, which is set to open on November 17th, 2017.

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